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Publishing a printed nonfiction book involves several crucial steps, and dpInk and DonnaInk Publications are well-equipped to guide authors through this exciting journey.



    • Book Cover Design
    • Print and eBook Layout and Design



    • Advertising
    • Book Campaign Plan
    • Metadata Optimization
    • Social Media Ads



    • 2 ISBNs/Barcodes
    • 20 softcover books
    • eBook Conversion and Distribution
    • Print-On-Demand Distribution



    Conceptualization and Research:

    • Book Idea: Begin by conceptualizing your nonfiction book. What’s the central theme? Who’s your target audience? dpInk and DonnaInk emphasize the importance of a strong book idea.
    • Market Research: Investigate existing books in your category. Understand what’s selling well and identify gaps. dpInk through DonnaInk encourage authors to validate their ideas by researching similar titles and assessing market potential.


    Crafting a Compelling Proposal:

    • Book Proposal: Nonfiction publishers acquire books based on proposals rather than completed manuscripts. Your proposal should outline your book’s purpose, target readers, competitive analysis, and marketing strategy.
    • Author Platform: Highlight your expertise and platform. DonnaInk values authors who understand their niche and can actively promote their work.


    Writing and Manuscript Development:

    • Write Your Book: Once your proposal is accepted, start writing. DonnaInk recommends focusing on quality content that aligns with your proposal.
    • Collaboration: DonnaInk’s close collaboration with authors ensures a refined manuscript. Their editors provide developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading services.


    Design and Production:

    • Cover Design: DonnaInk’s in-house team designs captivating book covers. A compelling cover is essential for attracting readers.
    • Interior Layout: Formatting matters! DonnaInk ensures your book’s interior layout is professional and reader-friendly.
    • Printing: DonnaInk handles the printing process, ensuring high-quality physical copies.


    Distribution and Marketing:

    • Distribution Channels: DonnaInk ensures your book reaches bookstores, online retailers, and libraries.
    • Marketing Strategies: DonnaInk’s marketing wizards create tailored plans. Expect PR campaigns, social media magic, influencer collaborations, and a memorable book launch.
    • Author Support: DonnaInk stands by authors, offering guidance and support throughout the marketing journey.


    Launch and Promotion:

    • Book Launch: DonnaInk orchestrates book launches, both virtual and physical. They make sure your book gets the attention it deserves.
    • Promotional Activities: From blog tours to author interviews, DonnaInk promotes your book across various platforms.


    About dpInk Ltd. Liability Company:

    dpInk is not your run-of-the-mill management consultancy. Led by the visionary Ms. D. L. Quesinberry, this boutique consultancy stands out with its award-winning holistic approach to business operations. Here’s what makes dpInk tick:

    • Balanced Empowerment: At dpInk, empowerment isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. They believe in nurturing both individual and organizational strength. Their philosophy embraces the social dynamics shaping today’s marketplace.

    • Strategic Innovation: dpInk thrives on intentional living. Every decision is driven by purpose and ethical resolve. They ignite dynamic strategies, foster business intelligence, and guide governance pursuits. The result? Breakthrough solutions that redefine success.


    • Comprehensive Consultancy Services:

      • Management Consulting: dpInk prepares you for the future. Whether it’s next-gen entrepreneurial coaching or executive coaching for the digital age, they’ve got you covered.
      • Business Development: In a rapidly evolving market (hello, 2024!), dpInk helps you stay ahead. They specialize in capture administration, big data-driven proposals, and impactful presentations.
      • Selective Publishing: dpInk knows the power of words. They cater to the digital reader, offering nonfiction for the fact-seekers and fiction for the dreamers.


    About DonnaInk Publications:

    DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., a woman-owned small publishing house, is the sister organization to dpInk. Their mission? To champion authors and their collective works across multiple fiction and nonfiction genres. Here’s what sets DonnaInk apart:


    • Eclectic Authors: With over thirty authors under their wing, DonnaInk celebrates diversity. From thought-provoking nonfiction to imaginative fiction, they curate literary gems for discerning readers.

    • Actualization Theory: DonnaInk’s success stories validate their theory of actualization. When you partner with them, you’re not just a client; you’re part of a journey toward excellence and industry leadership.

    • Services Beyond Publishing:

      • Editing and Writing: DonnaInk offers expert writing and editing services. Their senior technical proposal writers ensure your message shines.
      • Media Training: In the age of social media, DonnaInk equips authors with media savvy.
      • Industry Leadership: DonnaInk’s commitment to quality and empowerment drives their industry influence.


    Contact dpInk and DonnaInk Today!

    Ready to ascend to unparalleled success? Contact dpInk for transformative consultations at 1-301-888-2414 or 1-910-528-4347 or And explore DonnaInk’s literary haven at

    Join the journey where words meet wisdom, and potential becomes reality!

    Tier II - Nonfiction Business Title w/dpInk Ltd. Liability!

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