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dpInk Ghostwriting Services


Elevate Your Business Narrative with dpInk’s Ghostwriting Excellence


In the world of business, your story is your legacy. dpInk Ltd. Liability Company understands this and offers unparalleled ghostwriting services to articulate your vision and expertise. With the seasoned guidance of Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, your business insights will be transformed into a compelling narrative that resonates with readers and leaders alike.

Why Partner with dpInk for Your Business Book?

  • Authority: Establish yourself as a thought leader with a professionally written book.

  • Clarity: Convey complex business concepts with ease, thanks to our expert writing.

  • Discretion: Trust in the strict confidentiality of our ghostwriting process.

  • Impact: Make a lasting impression on your industry with a book that speaks volumes.


Whether it’s your entrepreneurial journey, innovative strategies, or a blueprint for success, let dpInk craft the book that will define your business legacy.

Ms. Quesinberry provides the ghostwriting services typically; however, we have access to additional ghostwriters as well and leave it up to the business and/or individual for their key decision-making.


Contact dpInk today—where your business wisdom becomes a bestseller in the making.

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“Crafting Your Legacy with Words Unseen –
dpInk: Where Your Voice Finds Its Story.”

Ghostwriting Process

Our process for ghostwriting is simplified:

  1. Consultation: We discuss the project scope, objective, and timeline.

  2. Agreement: A contract is developed with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that details terms, rights, and compensation - both are executed with signatures.

  3. Research: Ms. Quesinberry gathers all necessary information from our client and other sources.

  4. Outline: A detailed outline is created for client approval to ensure alignment with the vision of the work - whether a nonfiction book, a brand guide, an employee handbook, a service / industry written product, etc.

  5. Drafting: Ms. Quesinberry writes a first draft incorporating client ideas and voice.

  6. Revisions: The client reviews the draft and provides feedback, which Ms. Quesinberry uses to refine content.

  7. Finalization: Ms. Quesinberry polishes the work until it meets the client’s satisfaction.

  8. Delivery: The completed project is delivered to the client for publishing under their name "OR" is published through our sister publishing house, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., which includes:

    • ISBNs/Barcodes​

    • Front and Back Matter

    • Editorial

    • Layout and Design

    • Print and/or Hardcover Print-on-Demand

    • Picture/Image Layout

    • Table Layout

    • Distribution

    • Fulfillment

    • Production

    • And more.


This process ensures that the client’s thoughts and style are accurately represented in the final written product. Remember, each ghostwriting project is unique, and the process may be adjusted to fit the specific needs of the client and the project.


Our published works are able to be developed into many formats, including:

  • Academic Journals: Scholarly publications for academic research.

  • Anthologies: Collections of works (stories, poems, essays) by various authors.

  • Audiobooks: Spoken-word versions of books, typically for listening.

  • Calendars: Published annually with date tracking and often thematic imagery.

  • Catalogs: Collections of items for sale, often with images and descriptions.

  • Children’s Books: Books specifically designed for young readers with age-appropriate content.

  • Comic Books/Graphic Novels: Storytelling through sequential art, often bound in a magazine format.

  • eBooks: Digital books that can be read on e-readers, tablets, or smartphones.

  • Hardcover Books: Durable and often used for first editions and special releases.

  • Journals: Personal writing books, sometimes themed or guided.

  • Logbooks: Used for recording specific types of information, such as scientific data or travel logs.

  • Magazines: Periodicals that can be published on various schedules.

  • Manuals/Guides: Instructional books that provide guidance on specific topics or products.

  • Notebooks: General term for portable writing pads with various bindings.

  • Photobooks: Books primarily composed of photographic images, with or without accompanying text.

  • Poetry Collections: Books dedicated to poetry, ranging from single to multiple authors.

  • Print Books: Traditional paperbacks and mass-market editions.

  • Spiral Notebooks: Notebooks with a spiral binding, often used for academic or professional purposes.

  • Workbooks: Interactive books designed for learning with exercises and activities.


These are just a few examples, and the dpInk continues to innovate with new formats and types of content.


Contact Ms. Quesinberry today!

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