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“In the quest to uncover potential and respond to diverse opportunities within various sectors, including government (federal, state, local) and commercial, our broad spectrum of writing skills and enhanced capabilities play a pivotal role in driving business growth and success.”

~ Ms. D. L. Quesinberry

At dpInk, our approach extends beyond traditional consulting; we shape destinies. Our guiding principle is focused intent, which serves as a beacon for our clients, helping them navigate the complexities of business and personal growth. This vision can be likened to a sophisticated neural network. Our Quantum Vision is centered on empowerment. We view the business landscape as our canvas, and our extensive industrial capabilities as the tools with which we create. This vision is embodied in a virtual boardroom where SWOT analyses are conducted with precision and harmony. Leading this vision is Ms. D. L. Quesinberry, also known as “Q.” 

Q’s approach to business is transformative. She doesn’t just analyze numbers; she turns them into opportunities. Her mission is to empower businesses and federal contracting communities. Her strategic insights align with broader business goals, and her proposals are innovative and effective. At dpInk, we operate with intention. We strive not for mediocrity, but for transformation. Our clients don’t just exist; they evolve into a state where purpose meets profit. From the start of the business day to its end, we weave threads of intention into our work.

Our Center of Excellence is not about creating blueprints; it’s about mapping out strategic plans that reflect broader business goals. When a program or project calls, we respond with agility and precision. And when we achieve success, it’s not due to luck; it’s the result of Q’s strategic planning. The ingredients of success at dpInk are unique. Q’s intuition is not just data; it’s the culmination of experience and knowledge. Lessons learned become guiding principles. Her expert skills, honed over years of experience, help overcome challenges. When our clients succeed, it’s a testament to our effective strategies.

So, we invite you to join us on this journey. Let’s reshape the business landscape, one strategic decision at a time. Let’s make intention the driving force of our operations. And remember: In the dpInk universe, excellence isn’t a destination; it’s the journey.


Strategy & Operations


The cornerstone of all business operations planning is strategy. “Q” brings to the table a robust suite of competencies that enhance accountability, transparency, and cost efficiency. Her expertise spans across various facets of business including branding, change management, feasibility studies, leadership, conceptualization, program management, and organizational alignment. Her ultimate goal is to foster growth through meticulous planning and execution.

Management Consulting

Organizational objectives and mission statements are crucial. Often, strategic transformations and intention-driven enterprise development play a key role in aligning business practices with these goals. “Q” collaborates with you, your team, and your organization to optimize business processes, minimize waste, enhance productivity, and achieve set objectives​.

Government & Commercial 


“Q” offers comprehensive solutions in the deployment of expert resources and specialized services across government (federal, state, local) and commercial sectors for business development, capture management, and proposal direction, development, and writing. These services are applicable to a wide range of industries including aerospace, agriculture, defense, education, entertainment, healthcare, information technology, intelligence, networking, new media, psychology, publishing, social sciences, telecommunications, and vehicular industries.

Strategic Technical Communication

It’s a given that engaging key stakeholders timely, appropriately, and with a targeted message is a benchmark for effective strategic and technical communication.

“Q” goes above and beyond in conducting business intelligence analysis for clients. She assesses the current state and maps it to a re-envisioned future state, built on leading trends, industry initiatives, and stakeholder engagement. The goals articulated through “Q’s” findings guide the planned development and implementation via a regimen of continuous process improvement.


With over twenty-five years of experience as a Strategic Communicator and Senior Technical Communicator, dpInk’s focus and determination are perfectly aligned with the needs of her clients.

Content & Media Management


dpInk offers a comprehensive range of Content and Media Management services, including analysis, article and blog writing, brochure creation, copyediting and copywriting, crowdfunding and campaign strategy development, desktop publishing, diagramming, graphic design, illustration, live advertorials, social media consultation, influence market planning and execution, trailer production, videography, and more.

Presentations / ​Training


In response to numerous client requests, “Q” and dpInk have developed a comprehensive suite of training modules that are currently available. These modules draw from the diverse historical archive that comprises dpInk’s service portfolio. dpInk’s Training Programs are offered as individual kits or as packages for group or team use. “Q” continues to be available as a public speaker, presenter, event participant, and senior trainer for all training applications.

Additionally, we also provide vetted on-site trainers.

​Select Publishing


Step into the future with dpInk Ltd. Liability Company and our publishing division, DonnaInk Publications. We harmonize the essence of traditional and Indie publishing practices, offering comprehensive business book and corporate publication development, and a broad spectrum of services at competitive rates.


Our offerings, customized for executives, writers, and authors, include:

  • Advanced App Development

  • Striking Book Cover Design

  • Print and Digital Design and Layout

  • Comprehensive Editing Services (Basic, Substantive, Developmental)

  • Expert Ghostwriting (with or without credit - fees vary)

  • Essential Identifiers and/or Registrations

  • Detailed Manuscript Assessments, Critiques, and Reviews

  • Professional Training

  • Informative Wikis


If you’re considering the publication of a business book, training manual, e-Publication, white paper, or any other corporate literature, we invite you to engage with ‘Q’ or request a consultation.


In the fast-paced world of 2024’s Indie Press, the backing of a publishing house remains a potent tool for reaching your readership.


For more information, we welcome you to visit our website. Let’s join forces to bring your story to life and amplify your voice in the literary world!


“Q’s” strategic focus on maintaining a balanced life serves as a creative force in her management consultancy. This focus is instrumental in transforming various aspects of business including strategy, operations, communications, media, training, and even publishing pursuits for clients and end customers.

When a balance between family, career, and life is achieved, it leads to excellence in your team and your organization’s products and services. This is because the fulfillment of Best-in-Class standards in the global, national, regional, and local marketplace naturally follows.

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