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Business and Self Improvement Books dpInk Represents or Partners


Training is an ongoing endeavor in every entrepreneur or business person's life. Through DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. dpInk represents titles relevant to today's marketplace.


Here are a few of them . . . with links to the publishing house for purchase.

Black Man in the CIA

Leutrell M. Osborne – “Black Man in the CIA.” Memoir of the Vice Chair of dpInk. Chronicles a twenty-seven year history as a Black Man in the CIA, one of the 17 Departments and Agencies of the National Intelligence Community, during the Cold War years. Leutrell M. Osborne Sr., (Mike), tells his story to document the former Spy Manager’s history while providing unique insights for others to understand his rise in the CIA, becoming a spy manager who supervised CIA agents and assets in over 30 countries. Rated R. 

Business Development

Field guide to the ever illusive brand and business development. While there are no one-size fits all sprockets for branding, business development and marketing and public relations - there is a clear path of discovery towards the pathway of a success-driven horizon. G. Lea Rhys aids readers in their accession toward tactical and reflective futures through strategic planning and strategy blueprinting resulting in brand, business management, marketing, and lead trend fulfillment.

Book Marketing

The publishing journey for many is a continuum of change. This is an intuitive guidebook with leading trends coupled to retro-fitted traditions in publishing. Has a universal voice and includes case studies with lessons-learned through the school of hard knocks. Release date forthcoming.

The Victorious Mindset

Written by Motivational Coach, Chip Esajian, "The Victorious Mindset” aids readers through lesson-plans and coaching guides accompanied by a CD to supplement and support training sessions.


Title includes workbook breakouts at the close of each chapter along with motivations from the author. Includes a lecture series on CD for hardcover and extended HTML in digital with hotlinks and/or CD for trade paperback. A must read for students of life everywhere!.

Zen Series

A series lead title referencing occupations Zen, with follow-on chapbooks embodying mottled disciplines of commerce. Spotlights business planning, incorporating tactically engineered ethical resolve or sila embracing the ethereal nature of Chi. Adds balance through abundance exercises in all aspects of total self-functionality while growing the business scheme.

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