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dpInk is a small woman-owned management consultancy. Founder-CEO, Ms. D. L. Quesinberry extends an award-winning holistic approach of meaningful business operations, which incorporate balanced self- and company-empowerment while embracing social influences demanded in the market today.


dpInk identifies entrepreneurial, executive, and corporate strengths, analyzes weaknesses, recognizes opportunities and disenfranchises threats (SWOT) in the act of a full complement consultancy.


Our focus remains directed toward intentional living ~ everything we do is with an eye on consciousness and sila (ethical resolve). 


By spotlighting intentional living and empowerment, through the ignition of tactical stratagems, business and intelligence development, pursuit governance and ultimately solution(s) breakthrough . . . the theory of actualization is demonstrated amidst Client successes.


Ultimately, a center of excellence best-in-class mindset results for dpInk's Clients.

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