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dpInk Ltd. Liability Company: Ghostwriting Services

At dpInk Ltd. Liability Company, we understand that every great idea deserves to be shared with the world. That’s why we offer premier ghostwriting services, spearheaded by our esteemed Ms. Donna Quesinberry. Our services are designed to transform your vision into a compelling narrative that captivates your audience.


The Creative Process:

  • Conceptualization: Every project begins with your idea. We sit down with you to understand the core message you wish to convey.

  • Outline Creation: Ms. Quesinberry crafts a detailed outline, ensuring a structured approach to your narrative.

  • Content Development: With the outline as a guide, we develop your content, infusing it with creativity and clarity.

  • Revisions: We refine the material through iterative revisions, incorporating your feedback to perfect the manuscript.

  • Finalization: The final draft is meticulously edited and polished to meet publishing standards.


Cost Analysis:

The cost of ghostwriting services can vary widely based on factors such as the complexity of the topic, the length of the work, and the level of expertise required. For a comprehensive project like a business book or memoir, you can expect the following rates12:

  • Per-word pricing: $0.10 to $0.70 per word
  • Per-hour pricing: $49 to $90 per hour
  • Project-based pricing: $2,400 and up . . . depends on pagination, word count, topic, timeline, etc.


For more specialized content, such as technical or scientific writing, the costs may be higher due to the need for expert knowledge in the field.


At dpInk, we pride ourselves on providing transparent pricing and flexible payment options to accommodate the unique needs of our clients. To discuss your project and receive a personalized quote, please contact us.


Ghostwriting services offered by dpInk Ltd. Liability Company, emphasize the value brought by Ms. Quesinberry’s expertise - a cost analysis is based on current industry standards, offering potential clients a clear understanding of the investment required for professional ghostwriting services.

Ghostwriting Services

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